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Friday, October 24, 2014

Horse gram weight loss Kollu Tamil Medicine

This is Horse gram weight loss Tamil Kollu weight reduction. Horse gram or lentil dal is one of the best remedies for quick weight loss. Tamil Ayurveda also recommends horse gram for natural weight reduction without extra efforts. Horse gram benefits in Tamil ayurvedic medicine are used for natural weight loss with out any side effects. Here are some kollu weight loss tips in tamil maruthuvam.

How does horse gram reduce weight?
Horse gram can affect fatty tissues in the body. It can use the saturated fats in the body to use as a energy and thus is helpful to melt the fat effectively. The horse gram has properties to burn fats in the body by producing heat in the body. Horse gram can treat many respiratory problems also.

Horse gram recipes can directly work on the obesity and regular consumption of it can help you to reduce weight effectively. But as horse gram creates heat in the body, it is necessary to consume cumin seeds along with horse gram seeds.

Horse gram rasam tamil recipeCumin seeds can balance the heat produced in the body. Horse gram juice is best treatment for weight reduction. Cook kollu in water by adding salt, cumin powder, pepper powder and turmeric powder. Filter and extract the juice from the mixture. Consume this juice on empty stomach for few months to reduce the weight effectively.

Kollu rasam  weight loss: Wash and soak horse gram in water for overnight. Cook the soaked dal and remove the water, add salt, pepper and cumin powder in the water this is called kollu water.    

Kollu paruppu for weight loss : The take the cooked horse gram seeds and make a fine paste. Take a pan and heat oil in it. Fry red chillies, mustard, curry leaves and cumin seeds in it.

Add tamarind water and salt. Add green chillies and boil it for 10 minutes. Now add horse gram paste in it and mix properly. Again add tamarind juice and boil till the gravy gets thicker. Serve with hot rice.

Kollu podi weight loss: Dry roast horse gram seeds and make a fine powder. Make fine powder of cumin seeds, black pepper, red chillies, garlic, coriander leaves and salt. Mix this powder with horse gram powder and consume it daily for weight reduction.

Kollu soup for weight loss: Boil soaked horse gram seeds in water and boil it till the seeds are completely cooked. Grind the seeds in the water and then filter it (kollu juice). Add cumin powder, pepper powder and salt in the soup and consume it twice a day to reduce weight.

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